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Kongresshaus Rosengarten – The centre and its history

From lavish balls to industry conventions, speeches by top politicians, performances by popular cabaret stars and concerts by famous musicians and singers – the Kongresshaus Rosengarten Congress Centre has been a meeting point for events of all kinds in Coburg and the region for over 50 years. Its unique ambience, sheer elegance, light and bright rooms and view of the rose garden make it a favourite location for visitors and artists alike.

The centre as a business location

From its beginnings in the 60s, the Kongresshaus Rosengarten has played an important role in the development of Coburg as a business location. The centre has contributed to Coburg’s cultural and social landscape for over 50 years now with its wide range of events. It also shapes the economic structure of the entire region as a location for conventions, conferences and events with an international audience.

The centre is owned by Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft der Stadt Coburg mbH. The business development agency built the Kongresshaus Rosengarten between 1960 and 1962 and converted it into a modern meeting point between 1985 and 1987. It is operated by a dedicated management team and catering is provided by the Restaurant Rosengarten.

Both the construction and renovation of the centre were the subject of much debate in Coburg – but the congress centre quickly proved a success, hosting over 10,000 events since its reopening on 5 November 1987.

Architecture: function, form and transparency

The distinctive architecture of the Kongresshaus Rosengarten Congress Centre combines function, form and transparency.

“Transparency” could have been the title of the blueprint. With its filigree external buttresses and large windows, it is almost as if the building inhales the light. All rooms are flooded with daylight and the lights can be left off until late in the day. Bright, high rooms and winding staircases reinforce the feeling of harmony and lightness.

Inside, an efficient ventilation system ensures that the centre is never too warm in the summer months. State-of-the-art air conditioning technology maintains the best possible air quality, even with a full ballroom. You can breathe easy – there is no stuffy conference air here.

Artistic indoor and outdoor setting

Architecturally, the congress centre blends perfectly into the rose garden. The curved design is reminiscent of the paths that snake through the rose garden, while the large glass facade creates a seamless transition between the park and the centre.

The entire interior of the congress centre is a work of art, creating a unique atmosphere. The foyer and the gallery feature glass artworks and porcelain objects, and there is art on display throughout the centre – a playful nod to the Zeitgeist.

Outside the congress centre, visitors can stroll among flowering rose bushes to the Sintflutbrunnen (Flood Fountain) to escape the hustle and bustle. Free and in harmony with the space, air and light. A slight detour to the masterfully designed Palmenhaus (Palm House) only a few steps away takes you to the tropics. And for a slightly longer walk, there are beautiful paths from the congress centre to the romantic historical Coburg Hofgarten (Court Garden).


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